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Support to Create Your Kind of Independence

You are unique — and that’s at the heart of everything we do!

You want to live your best life. At Care With Kindness, we help you reach your goals!

You’re awesome and unique, and you deserve support from a team that gets your individuality and wants to celebrate it. So, we give you personalised backing, when, where, and how you need it.

It’s your NDIS funding — it’s your life! YOU have the freedom and flexibility to go for the assistance you want. Collaborating with your care team, Care With Kindness can help you create personal plans and goals, to live life on your own terms!

From helpful assistance and guidance in your home, through to getting out and about, we will be there wherever and whenever to help you dream big!

Allow your NDIS funding to embrace your uniqueness. Chat with our friendly team!

You Are Unique, So Are Our Services!

NDIS Support Near Me

Warm, fun, and always professional — our support team assist you with care and kindness!

We’re not here to tell you what to do, you’re the expert in your own journey! Instead, we want to supercharge your independence, we just give you the support you need.

And you can forget about one-size-fits-all solutions, we’re all about offering you the particular opportunities and tools you require to make your own adventure.

In short — you take the big steps, but we’re there by your side.

NDIS Support Near Me

Community Access

Social and Community Participation NDIS

Our Community Access services give you assistance with social and community participation — allowing you to create connections, feel included, and establish a beneficial routine.

Or, to put it another way, we help you get out of your house, achieve fresh goals, meet new people, family or friends — and have fun!

Let’s achieve those goals! Whether it’s day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping, paying bills, or visiting a health practitioner — or maybe it’s all about having fun Netflix nights with friends, going out for dinner, or taking part in sport!

Wherever your interests and passions lie — we’re there to make it happen!

With Care With Kindness’ community access NDIS services, you could enjoy:

Engaging in social activities.

Participating in community events.

Going to doctor appointments or visiting the pharmacy.

Companionship — going out and spending time with someone, building your confidence.

Staying active! Walking your dog, going swimming, working out at the gym, enjoying a stroll — anything!

Amazing benefits of a routine.

Group socialisation — a Care With Kindness social event every quarter.

Meeting new people, socialising with friends, visiting family and loved ones.

Transport provided — appointments, shopping, church visits, schools, etc.

Satisfaction and independence with your achievements.

Let our community participation NDIS services help you live your best life. Chat now!

In Home Support NDIS

Assistance with Daily Living

This service helps you plan, enjoy, and complete your daily tasks.

We know you’re determined — but some day-to-day jobs can be challenging or overwhelming. So, we come alongside you and assist you with getting things done — by proactively helping you plan, creating a routine, setting reminders, and breaking tasks down into bite-sized chunks!

We give you the tools for independence — taking over your responsibilities is the last thing we want!

Whatever you want to learn, wherever you need guidance — we’re there to support you!

In Home Support NDIS

A few areas where we can help, guide, and assist include:

Morning and evening routines.

Dressing and undressing.

Personal grooming — bathing, showering, oral hygiene, make-up, shaving.

Helping you with planning your meals.

Use of ability aids — hearing devices, walking supports, wheeled mobility.

Day-to-day medication planning, organising, and administration.

First aid and dressing replacement.

Home mobility — stairs, getting in and out of bed, wheeled mobility seating.

Assisting you in planning and completing daily tasks such as housework and cooking.

Our NDIS assisting with daily living support is there for what you need, when you need it, supporting your independence.

Respite Care – STA
Short Term Accommodation

Respite Care Services Near Me

Care with Kindness’ short-term accommodation comes with 24-hour care from our support workers, providing an opportunity to build your independence away from home.

Our NDIS Respite Care offers short getaways that allow everyone to recharge and refresh in a new environment.

Enjoy up to 28 days in short-term accommodation (STA) — with the guidance and assistance of a team of fun and sociable support workers. They are there to make sure your stay is enjoyable and full of activities.

In addition to a welcome change of scenery, you might engage in exciting new activities and experiences, make new friends, or discover a world outside of your typical day-to-day circle!

We do our best to find a suitable location, and accommodation for your needs.

Whatever your age or interests, we will give you a break that you’ll love!

Prevent supporter burnout while offering a change of scenery for participants.

Flexible in location, duration, and dates.

Available during school holiday times.

New opportunities to increase independence in a different environment.

Allow everyone to refresh and recharge! Talk with Care with Kindness about respite care.

Are You a Support Coordinator, Parent or Guardian?

Whatever the case, you want the best possible care, respect, and positive life affirmation for your NDIS participant, child, or loved one. Care With Kindness is committed to providing the best NDIS service in Greater Sydney.

Registered NDIS Providers

As a registered provider, our team of motivated and caring support workers share a single vision — to deliver exceptional guidance and assistance unique to each individual.

NDIS Plan Management

Experienced and passionate, we have the knowledge to navigate the complexities of NDIS plans.

Best NDIS Providers Sydney

Proactive and forward-thinking, it’s our mission to transform lives — boosting independence, elevating self-belief, and motivating personal achievement.

Our NDIS assisting with daily living support is there for what you need, when you need it, supporting your independence.

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We believe dignity and respect are two of the most valuable qualities in the world. With this in mind, we give you the guidance you need — helping you to stay true to yourself and own your uniqueness.

Don’t allow anyone to dull your super sparkle! Let Care With Kindness give you the opportunities you deserve to believe in yourself and transform your independent life.

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You’ve got this! Chat with us to discover how our NDIS services in Sydney lead to a stronger, more independent you.